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* Licensed 60 Ton
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* Licensed 100 Ton
   Fishing Master IV
   (Non Passenger Service)
* Over 10 years chartering
   with Hymax
* Over 10 years producing
2015 Tofino Saltwater Classic Charity Fishing Derby Winners!2015 Tofino Saltwater Classic Charity Fishing Derby Winners! Brett and his guest caught the biggest Chinook - winning $6000, myself and my guest caught the biggest coho - winning $1500.
Tofino Saltwater Classic
" Thanks for a great trip Greg & Nathan. Beautiful day capped off with a great fight with a 25 pounder on the fly rod! Lots of fish & crabs. See you again. All the best! "
Andy, Vancouver
" Once you go Hymax, you'll never have a better climax! 1st time out nailed a 47 lbs King! You're the best. Thanks for the great Honeymoon memory. "
Chad, Aspen, Co
"Our 3rd Hymax experience. It was really fun, Whales, Bears, a few fish, it was such a fun day!"
The Gill Family, St.Louis
First Mate: Lorenzo First Mate: Lorenzo
Brett Grim

Brett skippers the M/V "Catatonic" for Hymax Charters. Brett commercial fishes for crab all winter and sport fishes all summer. he is on the water almost everyday of the year. Brett lives on an island within Clayoquot Sound, a short boat ride from Tofino, with his wife and kids. Brett is a very positive skipper , and enjoys sharing his passion for the west coast.Brett Grimm and his daughter Hana. With their 55lbs Lingcod
Brett Grimm and his daughter Hana, with their 55lbs Lingcod

HYMAX Charters

Thanks for stopping by the HYMAX.
The HYMAX is a very solid, spacious, fully equipped high-end fishing & cruising machine.

Exploration, Discovery and Nautical Adventures await. Homeport is in Tofino, British Columbia on the west coast of Vancouver Island. From here we can access some of the healthiest offshore and inshore fishing grounds in the Pacific Ocean. These waters have made Tofino one of the most important commercial & recreational fishing ports on the west coast of Canada.

Tofino is your gateway to the Pacific Rim National Park and the rest of Clayoquot Sound. Endless sandy beaches, the therapeutic waters of Hot Springs Cove, breaching Humpback Whales visiting from Hawaii, these are just a few of the wonders of Clayoqout Sound.

The Victory and The Hymax

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The Tofino fishing scene is spectacular. Fish the protected waters of Clayoquot Sound, or the more productive off-shore waters. As you cruise out of Tofino Harbour past the lighthouse, you enter a unique offshore eco-system that supports huge schools of bait fish. Teaming balls of Herring, Pilchards, Neddlefish, Squid, and Krill attract and support the legions of bigger game fish. This thriving rugged environment creates catch opportunities found nowhere else on the Coast. We target Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, Tuna, Snapper and Rock Cod. In addition we usually set and check the Crab and Prawn traps when leaving and returning to the harbour.

Private Charters

A private charter is the ultimate West Coast fishing experience and your most productive fishing option.

A reservation is made and the boat and date(or dates) are secured for your group or family. A full day trip is 8-10 hours, a half day trip is 4-6 hours. My regular clients usually book a full day to ensure the best chances getting their limit of salmon and halibut. I encourage you to plan on booking a minimum of 4-6 hours. There is no penalty for ending a trip early, you can return to the harbour at any time for any reason.

I am easy going, but very serious about catching fish and providing a comfortable atmosphere on board. My mission is to fill the cooler with fish & for you to have a safe, positive experience with Hymax Charters.
* Shared charters are not mixed with private groups.

Shared Charters

Get together with others looking for a group to join. This is a short trip intended to give the angler a chance to experience the excitement of west coast sport fishing. Anglers take turns on the gear, with the emphasis on fun and learning about sport fishing. This trip is a great way to get out on the water, do some sightseeing (we usually see whales), and enjoy some fishing action.

How it works; I require a minimum of 4 anglers to run a shared charter. It's a good idea to book early in advance of your arrival to Tofino. Anglers are put on a stand-by list for the date they are interested in. When I have a minimum of 4 stand-by's for the same date, I secure that date for those anglers and run a shared charter on that day. Call, email, or text today for availability and make a reservation for this great fishing adventure.

Shared Charter Rates
$149.95 + taxes per Angler
4hr trip time
7:00am and 1:00pm departure times

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

30% deposit required to guarantee reservation

Fuel Surcharge

5% fuel surcharge will be applied

The VictoryM/V "Victory"
The VICTORY is for clients who want the best. Built to high end yacht standards and completely outfitted with the best of everything. She is a refined offshore battle wagon, and a proven fish killa. The ultimate Sportfisher. The extra comforts and exceptional sea worthiness of this fine vessel will keep you and your group happy all day long. I searched long and hard to find one of these particular hulls, she is a very renowned and celebrated Pacifica 44 in mint condition. You will not find a nicer charter boat.

The Victory Features:

  • 12 passenger capacity
  • Large aft fishing deck
  • 4 down riggers
  • 2 heads
  • Large heated interior
  • Roomy flybridge with seating for 6
  • Twin 600hp Caterpillar diesels
  • Large or small groups, Families, Stags, Wedding groups, Corporate groups, Nature tours, Custom charters
  • Private Charter Rates per hour (2016 Victory)
      $200.00 per hour 1 to 2 people
      $215.00 per hour 3 people
      $230.00 per hour 4 people
      $245.00 per hour 5 people
      $260.00 per hour 6 people
      $275.00 per hour 7 people
      $290.00 per hour 8 people
      $305.00 per hour 9 people
      $320.00 per hour 10 people
      $335.00 per hour 11 people
      $350.00 per hour 12 people

    Follow this link to obtain your required Sport Fishing License

    M/V "Hymax"
    The first vessel in the Hymax Charters fleet. The Hymax is a large, deep sea cruiser, 40ft overall length, two heads (restrooms), heated interior, galley inside with large table and seating - bring your own food and drinks, and make yourself at home. Full array of electronics; computer plotting, 48 mile radar, commercial sounder/fish finder, 3 VHF radios, 2 GPS's, autopilot, satellite phone and cell coverage. Packed with fishing gear - Okuma Fly Reels, including Islander Reels, Terry Hayden Reels, Temple Fork Rods, Big Game Penn Rods & Reels. All the required safety gear and more. Transport Canada approved vessel for up to 12 passengers.

    Private Charter Rates per hour (2016 Hymax)
      $150.00 per hour 1 to 2 people
      $160.00 per hour 3 people
      $170.00 per hour 4 people
      $180.00 per hour 5 people
      $190.00 per hour 6 people
      $200.00 per hour 7 people
      $210.00 per hour 8 people
      $220.00 per hour 9 people
      $230.00 per hour 10 people
      $240.00 per hour 11 people
      $250.00 per hour 12 people

    Follow this link to obtain your required Sport Fishing License

    M/V "Catatonic"
    A 28ft Aussie Cat Sport Fisher purpose built for deep sea fishing. Very stable catamaran hull. Large semi covered deck. Good protection from the elements, lots of area for fishing. Electric flush toilet. Fully loaded with navigation and communication electronics. Fully loaded with fishing and safety gear. It can carry up to six passengers.

    Private Charter Rates per hour (2016 Catatonic)
      $125.00 per hour 1 to 2 people
      $135.00 per hour 3 people
      $145.00 per hour 4 people
      $155.00 per hour 5 people
      $165.00 per hour 6 people

    Follow this link to obtain your required Sport Fishing License

    Having multiple boats on the water allows us to work together as a team. Teamwork helps us to hunt and gather the fish more efficiently. From tracking the bait fish movement from day to day, to knowing when and where the best "bite" is happening, we cover more territory - you catch more fish. Winning!

    Catch Dinner

    It does not get any fresher. Take your freshly caught fish and crab to the Red Can Gourmet and have Chef Tim May prepare a 5 star take out feast. The Red Can Gourmet is also a great place to get your sandwiches and snacks the day before your fishing trip.

    The Red Can Gourmet is located right beside Hymax Charters office, on the corner of Industrial Way and the Highway. The Tofino Coffee Company is located behind the Hymax Charters office and the Tofino Brewing Company is across the street.

    Catch Preperation

    Custom fish smoking, vacuum packaging, and shipping is available through Trilogy Fish Co. right at the dock, or West Pacific Seafood, located beside Hymax Charters office on Industrial Way. They will cut your fish into any serving size portions you desire. Your Salmon can be hot or cold smoked, peppered or candied. I provide cleaning and basic bagging for your fish, but I highly recommend professional vacuum packaging. Your catch is very valuable and delicate, vacuum packaged fish is blast frozen down to -40 Celsius the same day its caught, sealing in freshness while providing the best protection against freezer burn. I always get my own personal fish vac packed by the pro's.

    The Hymax Experience

    Check Out The Hymax Experience (Video)...

    2 Minute Video (6MB)

    Exploration, Discovery and Nautical Adventures await.

    Tofino Web Cam & Local Weather

    Off-Shore Salmon Fishing in the Pacific Ocean from FLVR Shots on Vimeo.

    Get your adventure started today, call (250) 266-0147

    Call today (250) 266-0147

    Tuna Fishing

    Tuna fishing out of Tofino is a special trip. We are basically at the northern range of the Albacore territory. By late Summer and early fall the warm water California current, which comes across the Pacific from west to east shifts northwards, as it reaches North America it turns south. The Tuna feed along the temperature gradient were the warmer water mixes with our cooler coastal waters. Nutrient rich upwellings(of decaying organic matter) along the continental shelf feed microscopic plant and animal life starting the food chain that attracts massive schools of bait fish. Which in turn attract the schools of roaming Albacore Tuna. We have limited windows of opportunity to target Albacore Tuna. The sea surface temperatures have to be within a certain range, the weather forecasts need to be fair, and a few other indicators need to show. When all the variables look good, away we go. The edge of the continental shelf is about 25 miles off-shore from Tofino. As we near the edge of the canyons the water colour begins to change from green to blue and gets very clear. As we head out over the continental drop-off the bottom of the ocean plunges to over 3000 feet deep. We begin to see different types of marine life, like giant Albatross and other off-shore birds, various species of dolphins, porpoise, and whales that we do not see inshore. And if the sea conditions are calm we see the occasional shark fining on the surface as well as giant sunfish that can easily be over a ton. Of course we want to see tuna charging the gear. So we begin the hunt.

    This trip is only for the most ardent of sports fishermen, stubborn, strong willed, and patient, with a flexible schedule ready to commit to a long day out at sea.

    I bill for 12 hours for a tuna fishing trip, although the day typically lasts 14-16 hours. Some clients book me for 3 days, if on one of those days conditions look good for a shot at tuna we go for it, otherwise we fish closer to Tofino for Salmon and Halibut. Again this trip is not for everyone and there is no guarantee we will find them. But when we do get into them, hold fast, double and triple headers are common. Hard powerful runs push the gear to its limits, the ensuing pandemonium on deck will put a smile on your face.

    Fishing for Albacore Tuna 25 miles offshore. Pound for pound the hardest hitting fish in our waters. Unbelievable power. Guaranteed adrenaline rush. 20-30 lb fish are common. One 80 lb fish landed this summer on a commercial Tuna Boat.

    Get out on the Wild Pacific Ocean.
    We have fun rain or shine!

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    Wedding Groups

    A private fishing trip or sightseeing trip is a great mixer for new family and friends and will leave a long lasting fun memory for everyone. Over the years I have hosted many wedding party groups onboard the Hymax. Bachelor parties, bachelorettes, stag and doe's, groomsmen outings, honeymooners, as well as mixed groups of couples, singles and kids from the wedding party. The Hymax is very clean and comfortable for entertaining and can accommodate up to 12 guests.

    Other Wedding Service Providers in Tofino

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  • Crab Apple Floral Design [Florist]
  • Rare Earth Wedding Event Production [Wedding Planner]
  • Resorts Specializing In Weddings

  • The Wickaninnish Inn
  • Weigh West Marine Resort
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  • Long Beach Lodge Resort

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    Bear Watching

    This is a three hour tour up Tofino Inlet in calm waters. Excellent for people who do not want any waves. We depart one hour before low tide. The bears feed along the exposed shore-line at low tide, turning over rocks and boulders to get at the buffet of crabs and clams underneath. We view the bears from the safety of the boat, only a few meters away, so close you can hear the shells breaking in the mouths of the bears. This is a great family outing.

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    Whale Watching

    As a commercial fisherman/geo-duck diver for almost 20 years I have had the good fortune to have had many encounters with whales in the wild. I have even come face to face with a transient Killer Whale underwater. So let me humbly tell you, to see whales in the wild is to realize you have seen intelligent, organized, sentient creatures much like ourselves, maybe more so. People have changed the direction of their lives after seeing their first whale. You will at least be amazed and gain an experience you will keep for life.

    In our part of the Pacific Ocean we commonly see Grays, Humpbacks, Orcas (Killer Whales), Minkes, and Pilot Whales. We also regularly see Pacific White-Sided Porpoise, Dalls Porpoise, and Harbour Porpoise. Not to mention Northern Stellar Sea Lions, California Sea Lions, and Sea Otters.

    Last season we had a rare encounter with a huge bull Sperm Whale feeding on giant squid. And another rare encounter with a pod of Risso Dolphins.

    Welcome To Wild Whales!

    22nd Annual "Pacific Rim Whale Festival"
    March 15-23

    Sea LionsKiller Whale (Orca)   

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    What makes the Hymax Unique

    The Hymax is the only Vessel on the westcoast capable of hosting up to 10 guests at one time! This means your entire family can enjoy a day on the water together (Salmon Fishing / Cruising / Sightseeing) in one place, perfect for large/multiple familes, parties (birthday/stag), corporate groups. In comparison, the majority of fishing charter vessels have a maximum of 3 persons.

    You can bring your own food/drinks, we have all the emenaties to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the comforts the Hymax has to offer:

    • Covered stern (back of the boat)
    • 2 Bathrooms
    • Four burner stove with overhead oven
    • Fridge w/Freezer
    • 5.5cf Freezer
    • Coolers(for drinks and fish)
    • Hot & cold water Sink
    • BBQ
    • 120-volt house power
    • Forced Air Furnace
    • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    • All the fishing gear possible
    • Room for 10 kayaks
    • See The Hymax section for more details.

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    About Myself

    I have been a full time commercial fisherman for 18 years now. Harvesting geo-ducks(giant clam), sea urchins and sea cucumbers from BC's most remote coastlines. The harvesting is done by surface supply diving gear. An onboard compressor fixed to 300 feet of airline supplies air to a diver wearing 100 lbs of lead "walking" on the bottom.

    The Best West Coast FishingWe fish primarily through the winter months, diving daily for weeks at a time to fulfill market driven quotas. Geo-duck diving on the west coast annually takes me all over, from Barkley Sound to Tofino, Clayquot Sound, Nootka Sound, ,Kyuquot Sound , to Nasparti Inlet, around Brooks Peninsula to Klaskish Inlet, Klaskino Inlet Quatsino Sound and Winter Harbour.

    Home port for the HYMAX is Tofino, British Columbia. The HYMAX is available and equipped to charter anywhere on the west coast.

    I have owned the HYMAX for 10+ years now and have been chartering from Ucluelet and Tofino. I do not commercial fish from the HYMAX.
    I take great personal pride in the maintenance and operation of my equipment so that you can feel safe, comfortable and welcome.

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    The HYMAX

    Their is a forward cabin with a double and single bunk with it's own bathroom. A large main salon with a table and full galley will keep you comfortable in the west coast weather.The HYMAX is a 40-foot custom-built command bridge sport fisher built for the west coast. The boat is of heavy fiberglass construction with twin 225 hp Caterpillar marine diesels. There's a large covered aft deck and command bridge with seating for a stunning vantage point. Upon entering, a full custom teak interior by Canoe Cove greets & warms you. Their is a forward cabin with a double and single bunk with it's own bathroom. A large main salon with a table and full galley will keep you comfortable in the west coast weather. There is an aft cabin with two double bunks and a head with vanity and shower.

    The HYMAX is a 40-foot custom-built command bridge sport fisher built for the west coast.  The boat is of heavy fiberglass construction with twin 225 hp Caterpillar marine diesels.
  • New 12 Man Zodiac Life Raft
  • Full electronics and navigational equipment
  • 2 PC's with navigational software
  • There is an aft cabin with two double bunks and a head with vanity and shower.
  • 3 GPS's
  • 3 VHF radios
  • 3 depth sounders/fish finders
  • Satellite phone
  • Furuno 48 mile radar
  • Comnav auto pilot
  • Ritchie fluxgate compass
  • Gemini 8' magnetic compass
  • Sirrus satellite radio
  • 120-volt house power
  • 100 amp charger/inverter
  • 12 volt power
  • 3000 watt generator
  • All up to date firefighting and safety equipment
  • Full galley
  • Four burner stove with overhead oven
  • Norcold fridge/freezer
  • Sink with hot/cold water
  • BBQ
  • Forced air furnace
  • Semi covered fish fighting area
  • All the fishing gear possible
  • Coolers. For drinks and fish
  • Fish cleaning table
  • 12 foot zodiac with 15 hp outboard
  • Room for kayaks
  • Bocci balls
  • 5.5 cf Freezer
  • Monitored security system
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    The Highlander

    24' rigid hulled inflatable Zodiac
  • 24' rigid hulled inflatable Zodiac
  • 200 hp outboard
  • 8 hp 4-stroke kicker engine
  • 2 VHF's
  • Sounder
  • 16 mile radar
  • Up to 7 persons
  • Heavy duty north seas surf rescue boat
  • 4'X6' aluminum t top center console
  • Salt water fly fishing
  • Diving
  • Sight-seeing
  • Very fast all weather boat

  • Heavy duty north seas surf rescue boat
    • Environment Canada : Water sampling projects and research
    • Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Geo-duck sampling for PSP(red tide) testing
    • Stats Canada: 2006 census of remote areas of west coast Vancouver Island (28 days)
    • Department of Fisheries and Oceans: Various research diving contracts
    • Canadian Fishing Company: Herring roe sampling and grading (10 Years)
    • Canadian Fishing Company: Support and Safety boat for Sockeye Seine Fishery
    • Marine Security Services
    • Water Taxi Services

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    Contact Info

    Greg McKay

    Direct (250) 266-0147

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    All site contents © Copyright 2016 HYMAX Charters

    * Private excursions
    * Large or small groups
    * Entertains up to 12 Guests
    * 2 restrooms
    * Cozy heated interior
    * Stunning view from the Command Bridge
    * Large Aft deck optimized for fishing
    * Immaculate
    * Heavy duty
    * Large deep sea cruiser

    Accomodations provided by

    Things to ask before you book any charter vessel.
    - Is the vessel Transport Canada Approved?
    - Does the vessel have a current Compliance Decal?

    If the vessel does not have a current Compliance Decal:
     - The vessel is not Transport Canada Approved
     - The vessel is not Transport Canada Inspected
     - The vessel is not Transport Canada Compliant

    - Is the vessel operated by a licensed Master?
    - Does the vessel have a life raft?
    - Does the charter company have a local business licence?

    Unfortunately there are illegally operated charter vessels on the water , be sure you are going on an Approved vessel
    "Unbeilevable day aboard Hymax! As usual Greg and Nathan were amazing. Limited out on Springs and Crabs. Found a great fishing hole. Caught fish every pass! Tight Lines!"
    Andrew, North Vancouver
    "Wow, what a perfect way to spend the day in this beautiful landscape, catching amazing fish and in wonderful company. Thanks for your warm hospitality Greg & Nathan. Hope to see you again soon."
    Dawn, Belfast, N. Ireland